'45 Must Supply Depth for Track

Mikkola Runs Off Summer Sessions for Cross-Country

Harvard's track coach, the gonial Finn Jaakko Mikkola, will have to rebuild both his cross-country and his track teams, relying heavily on the incoming Freshmen, though he still has a nucleus of the squad out of which he manufactured a winning combination last season.

He designs his summer sessions, held for the first time this year, to work primarily on form with emphasis on training for cross-country, since that is the phase of track that is first on the time schedule. All Freshmen are welcomed with open arms at a preliminary meeting early in the summer session, when he organizes his practices. Freshmen who are not coming out during the summer, but plan to do so during the rest of the year are also asked to come to this pre-practice meeting.

Used Path by River

During the fall, under the leadership of Captain Fred Phinney of Winchester, who will graduate in February, the cross-country hill-and-dale program will be in full swing, and Jaakko will be taking his boys over the path around the river in preparation for their several races. As in all sports, any first-year man able to make himself a place in the Varsity lineup, can do so, but there will be a special first-year squad as well.

During the summer workouts, there often are informal tussles with amateur associations, in and around Greater Boston and in the various AAU meets in Eastern Massachusetts. Varsity athletes help coach their specialties, and many of them try new events, especially the javelin, where the Crimson was weak this last season. Training for cross country in the summer consists of occasional workouts in July to get the runners used to working together--the heart of the sport--while August is featured by more intensive walking and running, on the cooler days.


Since so many of the Crimson stars of last year's better-than-average squad are leaving because of the accelerated program, there will be places for many good Freshmen.

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