Stahl Will Include Freshmen In Lineup

If the staff of the Lovell Hospital of Fort Devens thought it strategic to withhold their pitching ace Joe Waish from facing the Crimson last week and save him for a league game the following day, the results of their calculations ought to have changed their minds.

The Varsity baseball team travels to Fort Devens this afternoon to meet those Army boys in a return match and the advance rumors indicate they will bat against the touted Waish himself this time. Floyd Stahl will probably depend on Bill Hoftyzer, who proved so effective against the soldiers in his first Varsity start a week ago.

Army Moving Crimson

Problems of transportation for away games, which have been some of the H. A. A.'s most serious worries in relation to the informal ball season are being solved by the Army today. Fort Devens is sending a bus to pick up and deliver the Crimson team.

Freshmen to Play

What Stahl will do for a starting nine won't be decided until the squad unloads at the camp. Several exceptional Freshmen will get a chance to play and if Stahl feels that way about it he may even make some appropriate shifts in the opening lineup.

Hoftyzer seems the logical, though not conclusive, choice for this afternoon. Starting him would also solve the week's pitching conflicts. With Irv Rudman in reserve, Stahl could then send Joe Phelan in Friday and keep Warren Berg for Brown at Providence in Saturday.