Shows Ways to "Dispatch" Sentries and Impede Tanks

Instructor in "cad warfare" for the British Commandos, Bert "Yank" Levy, veteran of every war or revolution since 1911, spoke on his work to a mixed gathering of the Naval Supply Corps, Harvard ROTC, and students on Monday in the Stadium.

Now acting as lecturer in Guerilla Warfare for the British War Office, Levy told his audience of the guerilla tactics employed in Spain, where he was a member of the International Brigade.

He emphasized the vital importance of individual civilian warfare, which he learned as a member of the poorly equipped Spanish Republican Army. He saw the difficulties unarmed people face in the mechanized Italian and German units and based his advice on tank and street-fighting experience gained in Madrid when that city was under seige.

Describes Tank Fighting

Drawing the lesson that tanks will not advance where they cannot see ahead, Levy told how tanks were stopped in Madrid by blankets hung across the streets. Fearing that the blankets might conceal an anti-tank gun or a tank trap, the tanks stood off and punched holes in them with one inch shells, and "you can punch a helluva lot of one-inch holes, in a blanket," he said. "A man with hand grenades could beat a tank easily at close range and in such cramped quarters," he added.


Levy told how to operate as a guerilla in enemy territory, and described the best way to kill a sentry without making any noise, by muffling his month and turning the knife so it goes into his back "smooth and easy," or by cutting his throat so the blood runs the other way.

Home Guard Explained

Invisibility is better than protection, Levy said, and intimate knowledge of terrain is most important. Utilizing this knowledge of the countryside and employing guerilla tactics, units of the Home Guard have defeated troops of the Regular Army in war games in Britain. With such units in every town and hamlet, the English people form a widespread web to trap an invader from any direction.

"Yank" expects to leave this country within a few days to return to Britain, where Goebbels has promised that he will be among the first to be shot when the Germans capture England.