Trautman Chosen Manager; Album Business Posts Filled

William T. Ziegler, Jr. of Washington, D. C. has been chosen to fill the top post on the Freshman Red Book, it was announced last night, and Donald T. Trautman of University Heights, Ohio will serve as Business Manager.

Under the new plans for greater econimy and efficiency, Ziegler and Trautman will be given power to chose their own boards, but will work hand in hand with the Album committee with whom they are merged for the duration.

'46 Activities in Album

Freshman sports and activities will be made a part of the Album, while the Red Book will be primarily for individual pictures, and the Red Book board will not only edit their book but will constitute a Freshman board to write their section of the Album.

Simultaneous with the announcement of the names of the executives on the 1946 Red Book, the board of the Harvard Album announced the men chosen to head its Business Board.

Sullivan Appointed

John W. Sullivan '43, of Adams House and Caribou, Maine, has been appointed Circulation Manager. Sullivan is a member of the Student Council and was elected to both the Permanent Class Committee and the position of Class Orator this spring.

James E. McNulty, Jr. '45, of Eliot House and Oak Park, Illinois, last year's Business Manager of the Freshman Red Book, has been made Advertising Manager. William J. Fischman '43, of Adams House and New York City, has been given the position of Treasurer.

These three men will compete for the position of Business Manager, who will be chosen in the fall.