Students Are Responsible For Own Personal Conduct

"The College holds the individual students responsible for participation in any public disturbance, and this applies to free-for-all street fights as well as riots," Dean A. Chester Hanford said last night, in commenting on reports of recent outbreaks between students and "townies."

Several incidents over the week-end gave rise to anger among men in the University, and excited knots of students gathered on street corners late Saturday night.

Hanford Uninformed

Although Dean Hanford stated that he had not heard anything about the outbreaks, which were said to have taken place around the Weld Boathouse, and Mike's Club, he pointed out that students "must be careful to preserve good relations between the College and the community in these difficult times." He asked that students watch what they say, and "keep away from that kind of trouble." "The responsibility rests with the individual student," he stated.

Attacks Saturday Night


According to reports, one student was walking past Mike's Club towards the Square Saturday night when he was stopped and asked for a match. As he reached in his pocket for the light, he was slugged from the side and then jumped on. The Cambridge police station had a similar story about several Harvard men who were attacked under similar circumstances near the Weld Boathouse.

A third incident was rumored to have occured when several students were walking home, and one was lagging behind. According to the stories, he was called to by a man, who brought up two companions when the student acted as if he would turn on his tormentor.