Students Starving at Yale As Food Problem Increases

Shortages Causing New Haven's Crisis

Faced with the problem of feeding 3000 emaciated students who appear to be on the point of starvation, the officials of Yale University have been trying frantically to procure food for their empty cellars.

Last spring Yale frustration commenced when the government took over a large shipment of canned green beans. Yale, which was apparently attempting to hoard beans, was foiled by Uncle Sam. The beans have doubled in price since the government seized them.

Banana Shortage

At New Haven the banana situation also seems to be acute. As if specifically to spite Yale's panicky purchasing agents, the Nazi U-boats have been sinking banana boats along the coasts of the Americas. Yale's favorite fruit has thus almost disappeared from the tables of the Commons and the college halls.

Fish supplies, fresh from the salmon tius of Alaska, have also been cut off by the war, going now to fill the stomachs of soldiers, sailors, and leatherneck marines. With the present war plan instituted by Yale, it is expected that the valuable part played by Elis in the war effort will warrant their being allotted one can of salmon each week.


Another shortage at Yale is coffee, an agent particularly valuable in reviving Yale men from that morning-after feeling acquired the night before.