James, Leader of Harvard Fascists, Called Sane In New Trial Deferment

Organization Once Held Weekly Meetings in PBH

Indicted last April on charges of criminal libel against President Roosevelt, Edward H. James '96, leader of the fascistic "Yankee-American Action" which held weekly meetings in PBH two years ago, was adjudged sane in a report submitted Friday by two Boston psychiatrists to Judge Vincent Brogna of the Middlesex superior criminal court.

Friday's developments in which Judge Brogna denied a motion previously filed by Attorney General Robert T. Bushnell to have James committed to a state hospital for examination, leaves James still under indictment with no date set for the trial.

Called F.D.R. Assassin

Libelous material which composes the state evidence includes a pamphlet printed in the "Yankee Freeman" which called the administration "wasters of the people's money, wreckers of the republic, and the bloodstained assassins of our soldiers and sailors."

The attempts of the state to bring James to trial have been marked by such tricks as the sending of a registered air-mail letter to the President "return receipt requested" which contained a personal summons to the President to appear and testify in his behalf.


Soon afterwards James was released on $500 bail and the trial was postponed a month ago on the motion of Attorney General Bushnell.

James' activities were revealed by Joseph P. Lyford '41 who exposed them in a series of articles for the CRIMSON, and whose work was so successful that James called him later a "human bug."