Sheeline, Fisher Win $100 Each for Essays

Luce's "American Century" Topic of Time Competition

Time, Inc., has announced that Paul C. Sheeline '43, former president of the CRIMSON, and Roger D. Fisher '43, former president of the Liberal Union, have each won a special prize of $100 for turning in last spring the two best essays written in answer to the question, "Is Henry Luce's 'American Century' imperialistic?"

The competition grew out of a discussion following a talk to member of Government 25 by C. D. Jackson, vice-president of Time, Inc. Only students registered in this course wefe eligible for prizes.

Among the judges of the essays was Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government and member of the Faculty of the Graduate School of Public Administration. Others were Roy E. Larson, president of Time Inc, and publisher of Life Joseph Thorudike, assistant managing editor of life, and C. D. Jackson, vice-president of Time.