Taking to its native element, a Navy Training School crew, recruited from the men training in the Yard, will try its oars on the Charles next Wednesday afternoon against three Crimson eights and a Business School boat. Harvard crew, after having gotten off to a weak start during the first term of the summer session due to lack of coaches and not enough launches, is finally hitting its old-time stride.

The N. T. S. crew, coxed, rumor has it, by Commander C. A. Macgowan, Commanding Officer in the Yard and cox of the Navy crew in 1914, has been whipping itself into shape during the last two weeks under the watchful eye of Tom Bolles. In its first race yesterday against the Riverside Boat Club and M. I. T., the Navy shell came in third, but on Wednesday, with more miles of practice water behind it, the crew may write a different story.

Long on enthusiasm but short on condition, the N. T. S. crew is made up of seasoned crew men who, with more practice, may give the Crimson a merry race. Stroked by Bill Drissler, who rowed on the Cornell crew in 1935, the boat numbers among its ranks men who have rowed on Harvard, Navy, American International, and Cornell crews.

Made up from last year's Freshman crews and the remnants of Varsity and Jayvee eights, Tom Bolles and Bert Haines have put one heavy and two lightweight shells into the river against the Navy and Business School crews.

Wood Strokes Crimson Heavies


The heavy boat, paced by Orren Wood, stroke of last year's undefeated Freshman heavies, has been out on the river steadily since the beginning of the term.

Harvard and Navy Boatings

Navy: Bill Drissler, stroke; James Urquhart, 7; Omohundro, 6; Moore, 5; Nesworthy, 4; Werrenwrath, 3; Swords, bow; Commander Macgowan, coxswain.

Swords rowed on the Crimson 150 lb, crew in 1928, Urquhart was captain of the Yale Varsity in 1933, Omohundro and Moore rowed with the Navy, Drissler, Werrenwrath and Schley rowed with Cornell, and Nesworthy rowed with the American International crew.

Harvard Heavy: Orren Wood, stroke; Sneider, 7; Stone, 6; Donald, 5; Parkman, 4; Sohier, 3; White, 2; and Campbell, bow.