Scrap Drive Has Fair Success in Two Days

Everything From Sneakers To Old Piano Contributed

Two days of collecting in the College scrap drive have so far netted a medium amount of material, and much amusement as puzzled inmates of the Houses, Dudley, and Wigglesworth delved into the musty interiors of their closets for long-forgotten and discarded junk.

Although it was not expected that College rooms would provide a phenomenal amount of scrap, dog-cared sneakers, antique records, mouldy straw hats, and radios of ancient vintage were among the more recognizable objects which have already found their way into the growing piles of the War Service Committee's collecting depots.

By far the largest contribution in the drive so far was an upright piano from Eliot House which will provide material for an estimated four machine guns. Head collectors for the drive which is under Bradley Cobb '44, are; in Dunster, Richard A. Beyer '44; in Eliot, James McNulty '45; in Adams, James S. Wattermacher '46; in Lowell. Walter H. Kamp '43; in Leverett, Robert H. Koch '44; in Dudley, Gerald Woodland '45; in Wigglesworth, Richard S. Suter '42; and in Winthrop, William C. Dunckle, Jr. '44.