Incumbent Describes Duties Of '46 Football Managers

Seventy-five members of the class of 1946 are expected to turn out for the Freshman Football Manager Competition this fall from an expanding and accelerating war class. The first meeting for these aspirants will be at the Varsity Club, near the Union on Quincy Street, today at 1:30 o'clock.

Free trips to four enemy football camps as well as preferred tickets on the fifty yard line to all Varsity games and major and minor football letters will be the fruits of hard work behind the scenes for these who lead the field. The maintenance of Harvard's managing reputation, as chosen by life Magazine in the fall of 1939 to lead the country, will be the goal of these aspirants.

"Slaves" Curry Favor

For three days out of the week and for six weeks the harried "slaves will carry buckets, curry favor, scream out the names of tacklers, change passing defense shirts, and obey the whims of their superiors instead of doing compulsory exercise. When the competition closes November 9, the winner will have earned his Major 1946 numerals will manage the final practices and along with his assistants who survive the contest, take charge of the Freshman Yale game in New Haven.

Success in the Freshman competition opens the way for glory in wider fields. Six Sophomores will be chosen as Second Assistants to the Senior Managers next year, and of these, three will be eliminated at the end of the Sophomore competition that fall. The three who survive this sifting process will automatically take over immediately under the two and one-half year War-Time setup during the next year