To the Editors of the Crimson

I wish to object to the Crimson's portrayal of the barber shop price situation. May I point out that only one of the Harvard Square barbers opposed the raise in prices. In answer to the Crimson's vivid prediction of students rushing across the river to Boston for haircuts, I wish to point out that the meeting of the Harvard Square barbers was just one local chapter meeting of a large national organization, and that price rises could be expected throughout Greater Boston and the rest of the country, in keeping with the trend of the times.

The Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians is an organization which includes, among its aims, the betterment of service and the maintenance of clean and sanitary conditions throughout the country for the protection of public health and welfare.

I want to paint a dark picture of future Harvard students if prices should be maintained at their present level. The Harvard Square barbers would be unable to get competent assistants, as the employers work on commission as well as salary. In fact, if present prices were maintained, the students might have to go across the river to get their haircuts. Anthony J. Raciti, National Field Representative of the Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of America.