More Men Will Be Prepared For Government War Jobs

The Harvard Business School has agreed to expand its recently announced War Production Retraining Program, in compliance with a request by war industries, the University announced today.

In this connection, the Business School has stated in a recently published explanation that training of an unprecedented character is to be given to men already employed in war production. After a 15-week course, men who demonstrate ability are to be put in more responsible positions in the companies which sent them.

Big Corporations Behind Move

Great recognition of this new type of service is being rendered by some of the country's largest corporations, proving that the need for the training of executives is becoming urgent.

This new type of executive training is offered to men between 35 and 60 from professions and nonessential industries. Tuition is free, being sponsored by the war training program of the United States Office of Education.

Simultaneously with this release the Curtiss-Wright Aircraft Corporation announced its decision to participate in the new program.