'Eyeteeth' Clue Breaks Corkin Mystery As Morse Code Reveals 'Jap Here Trap'

Females Lead Futile Tries at Solutions

Fibber McGee and Veronica Lake, anonymous Vassarettes and old Harvard grads--all of them managed to get mixed up in the stream of unsuccessful attempts to get that beer. But the most surprising thing about yesterday afternoon's many phone calls was the female preponderance.

A girl's voice: "If you use Morse Code you get "MIGEE" and that's Fibber McGee, and that mean's he's lying and is in trouble." She was absolutely convinced, too. A Radcliffe girl said the WAVES had helped. No beer. Then a mother phoned, said her daughter "Sixteen years old and looks like Veronica Lake"--had got "Am in a mess" by crossing out words, the most common method among unfortunates.

A Special Delivery letter, stamps plastered grandly across the entire top of the envelope, blew in last night. From Miss Marllou Donarell of Lawrence came a challenging cry: "It behooves can of the so-called 'weaker sex' to restore the honor of the Dragon Lady." The message she got, unfortunately, was "JAP HID TRAP." but none can help but admire this courageous woman straggling alone in a far-off town, triumphantly achieving her long-sought goal.