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Animator Will Discuss Race Ideas With Anthropologist


Walt Disney will shortly come to Cambridge to confer with Earnest A. Hooton, professor of Anthrology, on the subject of Nazi racial theory, in preparation for his new movie which will blast the myth of Nordic supremacy, according to a news release from the Disney publicity office in New York.

Hooton refused to make any detailed statement about the impending visit, explaining that its conditions were such that he could make no comment. But Disney's secretary in Los Angeles wired the CRIMSON last night that he "was scheduled to be in Cambridge on February 4, 5, and 6."

Debunking Hitler

The Disney-Hooton conference signifies that "they're working out plans for a picture debunking Hitler's theories on what makes a perfect Nordic state," said a Hollywood columnist recently.

A year ago the famous anthropologist's plan for the creation of a new synthetic German race from foreign elements, to replace the natural inhabitants of the Reich whom he proposed to scatter after obliterating their state, was denounced by Pitirim A. Sorokin, professor of Sociology, as untenable.

"I Am Not a Fascist."

Despite this Hooton was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and corrupter of American youth by Representative Edmond J. Donlan. Hooton, in his own defense, claimed "I am not a fascist. For many years I have written and spoken against the Nazi theory of Nordic race purity and supremacy. . . . I am a democrat."

In 1938 Disney won the honorary degree of Master of Arts from Harvard, with the citation: "A magicion who has created a modern dwelling for the Muses; his hand controls a multitude of elfish animals who charm all humans by their mirth."

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