University's War Pamphlet Tells All to 3500 Officers

History of College, Guide, Map Provided

Everything from athletic facilities to care of children is included among "special services available to Army and Navy personnel," listed in one section of a war pamphlet issued by the University to undergraduates and 3500 servicemen stationed in eight schools here.

Opening with a greeting from George H. Chase '96, Dean of the University, the pamphlet offers a short course in the history of Harvard and its buildings, follows with a list of services, a guide-book section with a map, and ends in a thumbnail sketch of the various military groups contained in the University.

Eight Schools

Beneficiaries of the new handbook will include at present the Navy Supply Corps School, Electronics School, Army Air Forces Statistical School, Naval Training School, Chaplain School, Soil Mechanics course, Engineer Amphibian Command, and Surgery and Tropical Medicine courses.

Of chief interest to the newcomers on the Harvard scene will probably be a section on the University Committee on Wartime Personnel which is chiefly concerned with the housing problem facing new servicemen in Cambridge.

A new development treated in the pamphlet is a recently announced University policy of adjusting its scholastic requirements and regulations with due consideration for educational work performed while in the armed services.