Murphy and Albion Spark Deacons; Bunnies Second

Kirkland House breezed through the annual intramural wrestling tournament in the Wrestling Room of the Indoor Athletic Building yesterday afternoon, piling up 41 points as opposed to 17 points gained by Leverett, its nearest rival.

Seven out of eight firsts were taken by the Decamps, while Leverett managed to eke out one first and four seconds.

The best match of the afternoon was the final of the 175 pound class with John "Murph" Murphy coming up after almost being pinned by Paul Akin and winning by a fall in 4:42 with a half nelson and a body press. In the semifinals of this event Murphy won by a fall in 5:45 over Leverett's Johnny Ward, the only non-Kirkland man in that class.

Walt Minton had no trouble taking the 145 pounders for Kirkland, throwing Freddy Eaton in 1:05 with a bar and chancery. In the same way George Albion, a seasoned grappler, racked up a 12 to 2 decision over Jim Wiley in the 155 pound class.

Flip Coin

After Dick Hawkins won by a fall in 3:32 over Dave Saltus in the semi-finals of the 165 pound class, Hawkins and Don Albion, the other finalist, both being from Kirkland and with true House loyalty not able to get inspired over the contest, decided the final by the flip of a coin, which Albion won.

Leverett scored its only first in the unlimited class with 210 pound Ed Davis winning over John Howard, also of Leverett, by a fall with a half nelson and body press.

Manny Holman, who never wrestled before in his life, dropped around to the tournament yesterday afternoon and took the 136 pound class title by a close decision over Bill Main, another novice.

Al Olsen and Al Petite, 121 and 128 pounders respectively, were the only entrants in their class and consequently both won by default.