Rhode Island Wallops Trackmen; Nine Nosed Out By BU in Opener

Veterans Pay Off in 90 to 44 Lambasting

Rhode Island State's track team, more experienced than any college out-fit has a right to be in these draft-de-pleting days, had far too much balance and power for Coach Jaako Mikkola's embryonic cindermen Saturday afternoon, recording a 90 3/14 to 44 1/4 victory at the Stadium the opening outdoor session of the season.

Students at agricultural colleges usually get deferred, and the Islanders were loaded with veterans. The Varsity squad, on the other hand, had only two men back from last year's team--Don MacKinnon and Tom, Holyoke, both of whom helped boost the Harvard score.

MacKinnon Take Two

MacKinnon won both his specialties, the low and high hurdles, also taking a third in the 220-yard dash, while Holyoke finished second to Bob Schneider in the broad jump, the only event which the Mikkolamen swept.

Times and distances were uniformly poor, partly due to most unspringlike weather, partly, because the season is so young. Schneider's 21 foot, 2 1/2 inch jump, and Rhode Island's Henry Nardone's 177 feet plus in the javelin throw were about the only respectable results of the day.

Rogerson, Hennessey Win

Alex Rogerson shared in a four-way tie for first in the pole vault, scaling eleven feet, The other three men were Rhode Islanders. Only other Harvard winner was Dean Hennessey, who tied for first in the high jump, leaping five feet, eight inches.

The Crimson was especially hapless in the weight events. The Rams swept the shot put and the javelin, and took firsts in the hammer and discus. Willo Fisher, who won the 35-pound weight throw in the IC4A meet at New York during the winter, was second in the latter two events.

Typical of what Jaakko Mikkola has had to expect this winter was the announcement a day before the meet that Fred Carr, the College's best sprinter was to enter the Army today. Carr didn't compete, of course, Joe Moore and Eddis Smith placed second and third in the 100, though, and Paul Laskin garnered a second in the 220.

Middle distance events found the visitors' Joe Hall in the limelight. Hall won both the 440 and 880, followed by teammates in both events. In the quarter, Ward Slingerland grabbed a third for the Crimson, while Henry Mason followed two Rams home in the 880.

The summary:

100-yard high hurdles--Won by MacKinnon (H); second, Platt (R.I); third, Allan (R.I.). Times--15.8.

100-yard dash--Won by Sarni (R.I.); second, Moore (H); third, Smith (H). Time--10:6.

Mile run--Tie for first between Shurtlef (R.I.) and Futardo (R.I.); third, Tuttle (H). Time--4:46.6.

440-yard dash--Won by Hall (R.I.); second, Cole (R.I.); third, Slingerland (H). Time--54.