Varsity Eight Seeks Third Perfect Year

If the Varsity eight can get away with a first on the Schuylkill tomorrow it will have put away for Tom Bolles in absentia, and Bert Haines the third undefeated season in a row for the crew. Whatever happens, however, tomorrow's performance will spell finish for Harvard rowing for the duration.

As it is, the war has cut into normal Harvard crew jaunts. Every year, the crew has packed away its own built-to-order Pocock shells for each race away from the home waters. This year, conditions justify only the sending of oars to Philadelphia. These were sent on Wednesday and most of the crew left yesterday to work themselves into whatever Pennsylvania offers them in the way of shells.

Dave Noyes' boat will have a stiff and acid test when it meets Cornell, Navy and Pennsylvania. The close race with M. I. T. last Saturday did not do much to inspire waves of over-confidence in the crew. And the opposition in the City of Brotherly Love will be of higher calibre than the Engineers' offerings. All the crews that Harvard will meet have been out on the water two or three weeks longer than the Crimson.

Cornell shapes up as the class of Harvard's opponents with an exceptionally fine freshman crew from last year to go on. Navy was expected to be powerful, as she has been untouched by the draft, but her defeat by Columbia on the Harem last week upset some of the dope in that direction. Penn, who has not yet raced, may turn up with almost anything, with the advantage of being on home waters on her side.