More Than 4000 Are Expected to Attend

Taking cognizance of the changing complexion of College life, and molding the Commencement procedure to meet the new needs imposed upon it, the University's graduation on May 27 will include ceremonies for Army and Navy students who will be graduating at the same time.

High-ranking officers from both branches of the service will present certificates or diplomas to the many graduating trainees who will have completed their studies here. More than 4000 of the student officers will be present at the Commencement.

Under a program worked out by Reginald Fitz '06, University Marshal, the graduation ceremonies for the service men will follow the regular University Commencement. The quadrangle between Widener Library and the Chapel, which has been chosen for the graduation site this year, instead of the traditional Sever quadrangle, will hold an expected gathering of about 7000 people.

When the degrees and one honorary degree have been awarded by President Conant, Major General Sherman Miles, commandant of the First Service Command, and Rear Admiral Robert A. Theobald, commandant of the First Naval District, will award representatives of the various service schools with certificates for their particular groups.

Alumni Meeting


When the shouting and cheering of the graduation ceremonies has died, the annual meeting of the Alumni Association, open to all those who attended the Commencement, will be held. Joseph C. Grew '02, president of the Association, Governor Saltonstall, and President Conant will speak.

According to former announcements made by David M. Little '18, Secretary to the University and Master of Adams House, the traditional procession of University officers and alumni will be held, but in an abbreviated form, for it starts form the steps of Widener. It will be augmented, however, by the marching men of the service schools, who will proceed to their respective places from four parts of the quadrangle.