Flotsam and Jetsam

Dear Tula:

I want to thank you very much for sending me that phonograph record of "The Star Spangled Banner" . . . we now have our public address system working much better at colors . . . maybe except for that chipped part that we covered with SCOTCH tape . . . once in a while on Monday mornings we can detect a bit of "Loch Lomond" blending in . . . or is it the scotch in me? . . . Speaking of music, Company Baker is having a bit of music trouble now with the thought of moving ashore next month for they will have to find a new place for the North Matthews "Swing Band" . . . anyplace that they do pick to beat it out will have to be one where they allow it good and loud.

Oh, yes, Honey, Company Baker has been having those interviews with LT. BRENGARTNER that I told you I'd get to one of these days and so far no one has been hit amidships . . . for it seems that all the Lads have taken up the cry, "all duty is good duty" . . . even if it is on a Target ship on a collision course.

I have finally run out of errands to do out in the Square this week so I think I'll begin eating again next week.