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Navy Indoctrination and Communications School

By M. O. P.

Dear Tula:

"I've been wanting to write you for a long time now but all I've been doing is studying for tests, quizzes, brain teasers and feats of physical strength for the past two weeks... It's getting so bad that we study for the exams before we know who the teacher is or what course we are going to take....I am now with that very select group of men who go to the Study Hall every night...we get a lot of things done there....I washed out seven pairs of socks and a dozen of handkerchiefs just before they took muster of those present the other night...I'm thinking of taking up knitting next week while they send us Code at 12 words per minute because I'm there for not taking three words is a little confusing, I know, but that's us all over.

When I hear about LOUIS AUDET, C. R. RITT, H. S. SMITH and that Chap, ROBINSON all getting married this month I wish that you would hurry up and get here because I am getting the bug, too....You asked me about some snapshots of Harvard? Well, BILL PAGE and ALBERT J. Marsh took some dandies the day of the graduation ceremonies and BILL says he got a swell action picture of me...yes, sound asleep while a Latin Speech was being delivered...all I know about that is "E PLURIBUS UNUM"...and 'I'm not sure whether it was he or Caesar that got killed in the second act.

C. RIVES now has everyone calling him REEVES like he wants them to do....It might have been that Skit at the Company Smoker that did it... Our Section Leader, AL PERRINE, almost committed a faux pas the other Saturday morning when we went out on our little hike along the Charles River.... We all broke step going across the bridge and before we all got across, he shouted, "Fall in." I know that orders is orders. Honey, but I was wearing my new shoes...and a clean shirt.

Do you remember my telling you about CHARLEY LEWIS and FRED EDEL over at the Oxfore the other night? Well, they are still debating who is going to take the Mother and who is going to take the daughter of those gals they met there...I think that CHARLEY looks better with a brunette.

Honey, I won't have to write you about those Minus Twos on my exam papers now because we have a new instructor and he has faithfully promised that he will take no less than three off for each mistake.... No, he does not have red hair.

The Student Officer's Counsel elected PAUL BROCKINGTON as their chairman for this month and I feel that PAUL will give us a lot of new ideas about the Welfare of the Lads here. All I can tell you now is that there will be a lot of new equipment furnished us soon for those baseball games, etc. I'd better sign off for now, Honey, and please let your Mother bake the next batch of cookies.

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