"Now see here, men. I want you to get in there and WRITE." And this week's scoop will make it worth your while or my Radar ain't reflectin.

We've raised a small holler in this space a few times for some extra liberty, Well it's not what we cried for, but it's a break for the meatballs. As soon as mid-semester grades are ready, a "Privileged list" will be published of all those men whose grades (including disbursing) average 79 or better (that's the high-pass minimum).

From then on, until further notice, those men will be permitted to ignore evening study hours, which means that daily liberty (including Sunday) will end for them at 2200. And that' the straight dope.

According to last term's grades that would have included about 24 men. We hope it's more this time, don't we?

Liberty at 1100

More liberty news, Lunch with Wifey on Wednesday if you like, because liberty begins right after transportation exam, at 1100, If you haven't seen the schedule, it's Supply and War Production on Monday, Management and Ports on Tuesday, and Transportation Wednesday, in that order, from 0900 to 1100, and 1400 to 1600.

As you can see, wives are positively admitted to Cowie again. Could've been last week, only somebody was, waiting for somebody to tell somebody, or something. Also, our water-glass campaign seems to have worked, and, from what we hear, the "no seconds" on milk is an economy move, and not for health's sake as heretofore believed. Okay, then, let's have some more milk.

Double Tages Always

If and when dog-tags come, we'll be required to wear two. "One to stay with the body, and one to send to Washington," what, no six copies to S & A, BuPers, and the SERVICE NEWS? and while we're on the subject of the NEWS, they may soon try to soak us for this rag (affectionate term), something around a quarter a month, maybe less. We don't think it's worth it, but then we're prejudiced.

Flash! Bizmark had a bath last Sunday. Bill Brown has brand new shoes. That's all the news I could get out of Company IV. Won't nobody help?

Keep off the grass. Only this time it's the Boston Common grass, and it's after 2200. That includes "The Boston Common, except the Buddies' Club; the Public Gardens; and the Esplanade (whatever that is), except the Esplanade Club." And that's an order.

Ride for Bachelors

That boat ride to Provincetown looks promising. This department will be glad to sponsor a rowboat down the Charles for single men on the same day, And bring your leggings, there may be sharks.

That dinner-dance without the dinner is still up in air. We except "Jake" and "Asch" will have the dope for us shortly. Meanwhile, be sure to see Bob sherwood or Don Swanger for tickets to tomorrow's Navy Relief swingeroo at Potter. Middles see company commanders. Everybody's goin', even my tired old room mates, I think.

Bet you didn't know that Tom Reynolds wife instructs for Arthur Murray and will give a demonstration of good ballroom dancing that same afternoon. And, at 1330, there's a champion tennis exhibition in the courts near Dillon Field House. After the dance comes an officers' Club format at the Statler.

Before you leave today, stop in and see Lupy's sun tan. If you like to work with yearbooks, see Bill Brown. Oh, yes. Killer Grew wants to visit some factories near by We think it's a good idea, except it shouldn't happen during liberty. G'bye 'till next Friday; one column a week is trouble enough