Cafeteria Replaces Slow Table Service

Although they will be operating under entirely different circumstances and conditions. Adams, Dunster, and Losell, the three civilian Houses, will still carry on in an abbreviated and modified form the traditions and customers of the old House system, David M. Little '18, secretary to the University and master of Adams House, said last night.

The difficulties of this problem will be increased by the scattered location of the three civilian strongholds and the fact that the new Freshmen are not familiar with the House setup while the majority of the upperclassmen have been transferred to new locations. Just the same, Little thought that they will be able to maintain the spirit of the liberal arts college for the duration.

Houses Filled

The class of '47 has been allocated in approximately equal numbers to each House, with the latest totals reaching 427. All three of the Houses are filled to capacity and arrangements are being made to handle just under a thousand civilians this summer.

AS for life in the Houses this summer, most of the activities will continue as usual. Inter-House athletics will be established with the annual award of the coveted Strauss trophy climaxing the year of sports activity in the spring. It is also expected that House Committees and other organizations within the House will be chosen in the near future.

The only drastic change is in the dining halls, where the procedure of the Navy with trays and cafeteria serving is being employed. There will be no Inter-House eating this summer, however, until further arrangements are made.