Chaplain School Loses 5 Officers To Active Service

Four Instructors, One Aide Leave Col. Cleary's Staff

On the heels of the graduation exercises of the 16th Army Chaplains' class at Harvard, Colonel William D. Cleary, commandant of the local headquarters, announced yesterday the transfer of five officers from the school.

Four of the five transferees helped to comprise the faculty of the school, while one of the men was a member of the Colonel's staff.

Chaplain (Lieutenant-Colonel) William D. Veazie, who was a Senior Instructor in the Graves Registration course, will take over duties elsewhere in the army as will Chaplain (Major) Dan A. Laning, former Senior Instructor in the Practical Duties course here.

Chaplain (Captain) Donald R. Brownwell and Chaplain (Captain) Jacob W. Mason, both former Instructors at the school, will be transferred to new assignments along with Lieutenant Daniel F. Gallivan, Assistant Adjutant on the army school's staff.