Engineering, Foreign Areas to Be Studied

Swelling the ranks of Army Specialized Training men stationed here to 1365, a contingent of 790 soldiers, will converge on Harvard on Monday and Tuesday to take up living quarters in Leverett and Winthrop Houses and to study a variety of assigned Army courses. The new trainees will split up into three companies to be headed by Major Bernard A. Merriam, Inf., Captain Russell A. Fairbanks F.A., and First Lieutenant Nelson T. Hoadley, Inf.

Along with this announcement Regimental Headquarters stated that Harvard will join the AST Reserve Program in September, in which qualified 17-year-old will receive academic instruction on an inactive status at government expense.

From STAR Units

With their arrival from a number of STAR Units, one of which was at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, some of the incoming AST men will supplement the group already taking the Advanced Phase of Foreign Area and Language Study while the majority will embark upon the study of two courses newly added to the prescribed curriculum, Basic and Advanced Engineering. The other two units which have been here since June 1 are in Personnel Psychology and Medical Training.

Major Merriam will be commanding officer of the First Battalion and his former company, A, and a new company, C, in the battalion. Captain Fairbanks, in addition to leading his old company, B, in Major Merriam's Battalion, will head the Second Battalion and Company D in that. The third new group, Company E. will have Lt. Hoadley as commanding officer.

Company C will settle in Mather Hall of Leverett and the two remaining companies, D and E, will fill the now empty Winthrop, by taking over Gore and Standish Halls. Companies A and B are already situated in McKinlock and Vanderbilt Halls.

The course of Advanced Engineering will concentrate primarily on Civil while the Basic course will lean somewhat towards communications. Instruction in both courses will come from the Graduate School of Engineering. The Foreign Area and Language students will study under the staff of the Overseas Administrators' School as the present group is doing