NSCS Juniors

Our contribution today is limited for reasons which have become obvious to every Junior. This is "der Tag"-the day when all our omissions of the past are coming home to roost. It goes without saying that the situation is very grave.

We do want to mention that the Glee Club is really coming along; apparently most of last week's converts are still sticking. Dr. Houghton is giving the boys a workout and if you think singing isn't work, go over some night and watch them slave away. The repertoire is gradually expanding and everyone seems quite happy about the whole affair.

There were one or two new faces this week and there is still room for more. Anyone who still wants to get in on an a little work and a lot of fun should turn up at the next meeting because the group has to be whipped into shape in a hurry for the forthcoming broadcast.

And then there is the announcement that the U.S. Treasury has printed special money for Sicily-in centisimi and lire. What a headache that is going to be on cash books, etc., even though the relationship between dollars and lire will undoubtedly remain fixed. There will be the old problem of service men bringing the money back to the U.S. and trying to change it when they get here.

Good luck on what remains of the examinations-especially that closed book affair tomorrow!