Reservists Organizing As Infantry Company

Expected to arrive since the middle of August up to September 13 the ASTP Reserves finally pulled into Cambridge this past week to take up quarters in Standish Hall of Winthrop House and in time to organize before beginning classes next Monday and Tuesday.

Rules and Regulations were prescribed by the University,' being authorized by the President of Harvard and the Professor of Military Science; they were approved by the Commanding General, First Service Command, and the AST Reserve Program heads.

In the statement accompanying the rules, the student trainees were told that they were privileged to obtain a college education with all costs of tuition, housing, messing, medical service, and transportation paid by the Government; so they must submit to military control to such an extent as will not interfere with academic instruction.

Full Days.

The reservists' days will be full with a requirement of 24 hours per week of classroom and laboratory work, a minimum of 24 hours per week of outside preparation, and a scheduled 11 hours per week of drill and calisthenics, all of which does not include the other assigned tasks, such as cleaning rooms.

In an attempt to be as much like an infantry company as possible, the unit will be organized with a cadet system having cadet officers and non-commissioned officers. Appearances may deceive, however, as the trainees will be in civilian clothes except during periods of military training. College ROTC men will aid with the military drill