Army Supply Officers Training School

Asots all, wherever you may be,

If you want to climb to the top of the tree,

If your hide is enfettered to a schoolroom stool.

Be careful to consider this golden rule:-

Worry less about your marks


And the problem of Babcock's

And don't despair,

Or pull your hair,

The grader may slip yours by;;--

A happy lass

May mark yours "Pass,"--

And "flunk" the other guy!!

It wasn't told to me. I only heard: Lt. Bradley is the Pop of a son. It is understood that his hair curled when he received the returns on that report. If you don't believe me, verify it when he returns from his emergency leave.

Those of us who spilled some milk during last Thursday's examination had better stoy crying about it. Always look ahead . . . think of all the crying to be done after next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Speaking of crying, I'm practically in tears. Where are those powerful snooper associates of mine? Since news concerning field trips and guest speakers, during our Army Supply Studies course, is antidated, it is necessary that some of you give out with some potential news...i.s. the possibility of some student, like the proverbial dog, biting the "prof" that wrote the last accounting exam!!!