Coast Guardsmen Held After Half

Harvard did it again the Boston Coast Guard Wednesday night. They lost, 46 to 32.

For the first quarter of the ball game, the battle was close. The score was all tied, up at 11 points apiece at its end. This was undoubtedly due in chief to the fact that the former Treasury Department controlled organization started their second stringers.

The first string lineup was sent in at the beginning of the second canto, however. Employing a fast breaking attack, they dropped in four quick baskets to send the tally up to 19 to 11. The Crimson never got back on its feet, and the half ended with the score standing at Coast Guard 28, Harvard 14.

The Stahlmen started off the second half with a spurt. Paced by Dean Hennessy, they managed to narrow the gap to about ten points. The spurt was short-lived unfortunately and the Coast Guard boys had little trouble the rest of the period. The final quarter went much the same way, and, as mentioned before, the final count was 46 to 32.

The Jayvees dropped a close one to the Coast Guard Jayvees in the opener. The Harvard scrubs were paced by Bill McGee, Danny Garelick, and Hugo Francke.

This Saturday, the Varsity moves on to Camp Edwards to tangle with a top-notch aggregation. The Jayvees will remain at home, and their game will be held in the Indoor Athletic Building. They will also tangle with the Eliot House champions on Monday.