Natalia Askenazy Served For Two Years at Moscow

The only woman career diplomat in the Polish government prefers Harvard men. Her name is Miss Natalie Askenazy, and she says. "There is something unique about a Harvard man which sets him apart from a Yale man and/or any other college man."

She went on to express her annoyance at the overly strict segregation of sexes here. It is her own personal belief that the average male student profits by a coed atmosphere. Miss Askenazy wishes to do post-graduate work here, and judging from her personal appearance she would be of considerable help creating a profitable atmosphere.

At present touring this country on a leave of absence, one of her ambitious is to witness a collegiate football "match." Miss Askenazy was attache to the Polish embassy in Moscow from 1941 to 1943. She was recalled following the Polish army officer scandal in which the Polish government-in-exile accused the Russians of murdering 10,000 captured Polish officers.

Last Sunday night at the Ford Hall Forum in John Hancock Hall in Boston she related her experiences as "A Woman Diplomat in Russia." Addressing an audience of approximately 3000, she stated that the people of Poland expect America to rebuild a "real Polish democracy for a real and sound Polish populace."

She hopes that America or England will intercede and arbitrate in the present Russo-Polish boundary dispute. Her next appearance will be in New York.