Oriental Club Members Will Present Music of Homelands

The Oriental Club at Harvard, seeking to further understanding between Eastern and Western countries, will present a recital of Oriental music on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock in the Lowell House Junior Common Room. Harvard and Radcliffe students from China, India, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and perhaps Afghanistan will take part in demonstrating the music of their homelands.

S. L. Tang, a well-known Chinese musician and graduate of the Chinese National Institute of Music and now studying at Yale's Graduate School of Music, will play some typical Chinese instruments; the hoo-chin, similar to the western violin in construction but with a different tuning scale, and the pee-bah, comparable to the Occidental guitar, will be demonstrated. Indian and Turkish students may play some of their instruments also, notably the Indian flute. Native folk songs and Chinese opera scenes will be presented against an Oriental backdrop of Chinese landscape murals.

Besides its recitals of Oriental music, the Oriental Club, which is a little more than two years old, has given lectures, discussion groups, and last summer it held a dance in conjunction with Lowell House to honor Pandit Nehru's nieces, who are studying at Wellesley.