The Lucky Bag

The Yale log blazes merrily in many a room these zero mornings as again a joyous Christmas season is upon us Yes, in spite of Lewis's talk on the impracticality of giving gifts, the majority of us are still ploughing through Boston's quaint little mobs to purchase them. Jim Grisham is still resolved to accept anything up to a Buick convertible. (tan with beaver upholstery and disappearing bar) without batting an eye--and the rest of us are of the same mind. So let yourself go--Merry Christmas.

Off Again

Free at last these hard luck kids, Jack Cornwall. Bob Simpson, Ed Delph, Tom Donovan and Fritz Arsulich want to thank Mrs. Inglis for her Saturday night programs which she graciously arranges for those who have difficulty understanding the force of Mr. Lindsey's lectures on A.O.L.

Speaking of this subject dear to the heart of all, Bob Lang had some interesting things to say about common sense the other day--and after all these weeks of germination and cultivation of this priceless possession. Gordon Koppert and Chris Kottoff with their usual alertness wish it known that whatever Bob said has only limited application.

Senior Dance

As all middies and those juniors who left the bar will attest, this was a bang-up affair. A great success for all, it was a memorable birthday for Mr. Salmon.

Notable there was the increasing number of wedded couples, a thing which promises to increase even more so very soon. Jason Widmer welcomed his fiancee to Boston and the big event is scheduled for tomorrow at Appleton Chapel. Stan Wright, it is rumored, has similar ideas also, but it's too early to make any forecasts.

Jim Cockles and Bob Berra seem quite happy these days and their only complaint is that they don't receive the mail they used to, once upon a time. Bob Ottum with very attractive Mrs. Ottum skirted the crowd last weekend and missed us all. It seems Mrs. Ottum had something in her eye and didn't want to meet anyone. Eyes only for Bob--but better luck next time