Squantum Clips Crimson in Loosely-Played Game, 34-25

With only two weeks of practice behind them, the Crimson opened their 1944-45 basketball season Wednesday night in the Indoor Athletic Building by dropping a loosely-played contest to the Squantum Carrier Aircraft Service Unit five, 35 to 24.

Handicapped by this lack of practice, the Crimson trailed badly at halftime, and except for brief spurts at the beginning and end of the fourth period, could never catch fire and start a scoring spree.

Sinking nearly all of their foul shots, the navy team picked up a number of sure points. For the Stahlmen, Jack Clark was the only man who could find the range on free throws. Although both teams were rusty in their shooting, Squantum had the edge under the basket and used their height to capitalize on rebounds.

With two minutes remaining in the game, though, the home five gave the small gathering of navy men and civilians a chance to cheer by notching a couple of quick baskets and closing the gap slightly. HARVARD G  F  TP Clark, lf  1  3  5 Johnson  3  1  7 Chapple, rf  2  0  4 Wright  0  0  0 Mackintosh, c  0  1  1 Pierce  0  0  0 Noble  1  1  3 Keene, rg  1  0  2 Burk  1  0  2 Collins, lg  0  0  0 Kelsey  0  0  0   9  6  24