Communist Faction Lagging Claims Former Ambassador

Hu Shih, professor of Chinese Thought, addressed a group of 50 in the Lowell House Junior Common Room Wednesday night, in a speech sponsored by the International Club, the Harvard Liberal Union, and the Postwar Council.

Admitting the power of the Communist Party in China, and its threat to the Chungking Government, he asserted that the Communists' fight against Japan was not all that it should have been. "How could the Japs," he asked, "have made such great gains in China if the Communist armies had done all that they claim to have done?"

Professor Hu based the ability of China to withstand the ravages of war for almost eight years on four main factors. These are China's vast superiority to Japan in quantity of land and manpower, its intense national patriotism, and its firm belief that the forces of good must eventually overcome those of evil.

On the question of General Stilwell's return, Professor Hu pleaded ignorance, adding that the few who knew couldn't say. He closed his address by pointing out that China's need for aid was greater than ever and urged even closer Chinese-American relations.