Major Rosengard Awards Prizes to Squash 'Winners

At its regular Friday evening full retreat and review ceremonies last week, ASTP Company D, the Medical Unit at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, witnessed the presentation of awards to the winner and runner-up of the unit's squash racquets tournament. Major J. L. Rosengard, commander of the unit, presented, in behalf of Colonel John K. Howard, a silver cup to the winner, Pfc. David G. Freeman, and a travelling bag to runner-up Pfc. Philip H. Henneman. Major Bernard A. Merriam, commander of ASTP Company B at Harvard, reviewed the unit.

Freeman, who comes from Pasadena, California, and won his bachelor's degree at Pomona College in Claremont, California, was runner-up in the National Doubles tennis tournament last year. One of the top tennis and badminton players in the country, he won the National Badminton Singles every year in the 1939-42 period, and the Doubles and Mixed Doubles in 1940-42 inclusive. He won the National Junior Tennis Singles in 1938, and last year won the Massachusetts State Singles.

Explaining that squash tennis, not squash racquets, is played on the West coast, Freeman says he never played any squash until he came to Boston. His runner-up, Henneman, is a bona fide Harvard man, having won his A.B. here last year, although he is listed as a member of the Class of 1944. He is a Sophomore at Med School, Freeman is a Junior.