Staff Of Chaplain School Adds Two

Major Edward J. Salmeri, Medical Corps, and Chaplain (Captain) Donald C. Beatty have been recently appointed to the staff and faculty of the Chaplain School.

Major Salmeri is a graduate of the New York University College of Medicine. Commissioned on July 15, 1941 he was ordered to North Africa in April, 1942, where he was assigned to the Engineering Department of the Eritrea Service Command, serving as District Surgeon and later as Surgeon.

When the activities in Eritrea lessened with the Allied victories in North Africa, Major Salmeri was transferred to the Persian Gulf Command. He served as Port and Station Surgeon at Khremsharr and later as Medical Inspector for the Teheran District. He returned to the United States in February, 1944, and relieves Captain Steven J. Starr, M. C., as Instructor in Military Sanitation and First Aid at the Chaplain School. Captain Starr is being transferred to the Station Hospital at Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island.

Chaplain Donald C. Beatty is a graduate of Boston University School of Theology, with post-graduate work at Harvard. Before entering the Army he was instructor in Pastoral Theology in Chicago Theological Seminary. He came on active duty in November, 1942, and served for a year as Chaplain at the Army Air Forces Seventh Basic Training Center, Atlantic City. In December, 1943 he was transferred to the Army Air Force Third Redistribution Station at Santa Monica, California, where his duty was that of a specialist in personal counselling.