Francke and Wolfe Moved onto Varsity

With three wins and two losses behind it, the Crimson baseball nine travels to Worcester, Massachusetts, Saturday afternoon for a tangle with Coach Jack Barry's Crusaders from Holy Cross.

The Stahlmen won the first three games of the summer season against Brown, Quonset, and Tufts, bowed to Boston Coast Guard two weeks ago, 7 to 0, and were stopped by the Portsmouth Navy Yard Marines last Saturday, 6 to 5. Holy Cross has scored triumphs over Dartmouth, 4 to 3, and Yale, 2 to 1, the past two Saturdays.

Lineup Changed

Coach Stahl's lineup will undergo a slight shakeup, with High Francke taking over Conlon's left field post, and Brewster Wolfe moving from the B shortstop position to take Falsey's place.

"Crash" Davis' B squad meets Gresham for the third time this season tomorrow afternoon in the playoff between the two squads. Next Wednesday the Varsity will travel to the Squantum, Massachusetts, Air Base.

The lineup for tomorrow's game:


Wolfe, ss

Williams, ef

Coulson, 1b

Chapple, 2b

Wallace, p

Cappacio, rf

Francke, lf

Dunn, 3b

Durant, c