Coach Claims Modern Stars Are Better Than Old Timers

Modern athletes are definitely superior to old timers according to Varsity football coach Henry Lamar. "In any sport where there is a standard or measure of achievement, you can see a marked improvement." As evidence for his statement, the former Junior Varsity and Freshman grid coach points to the rapid advancement in Harvard track and field marks.

In his 14th year at Harvard and his second at head football coach, Lamar finds his squad of football hopefuls "in better physical condition that ever before." He attributes this to the recent stress put by the high schools on conditioning and the V-12 athletic program.

The former amateur boxing champ is lavish in his praise of Dick Harlow and the "Harlow system," emphasizing that, in football, "you have to keep ahead of the other fellow." Lamar's predecessor saw the need for this, and changed his system three times in the last seven years.

"A good coach is the one who can adapt a system to the type of club he has." According to Lamar, Harvard usually has relatively light clubs, and for this reason the Harlow system has stressed deception.

Lamar originally came to Harvard as a boxing coach, and his loyalty is split between football and the ring. He calls football "the best conditioner," but thinks that boxing should be made compulsory for all students