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Scientists Protest Against Recent Cyclotron Smashing


Reformation of the Japanese cannot be effected if their nation is to be kept in ignorance or denied scientific equipment, a resolution adopted Saturday by the Society of Sigma XI stated. Meeting in the Institute of Geographical Exploration in Cambridge, the Society of Technicians was at its 46th annual, convention. A copy of the resolution, protesting in American destruction of cyclotrons in Japan, was telegraphed to President Truman.

The convention, representing 50,000 members of the society from throughout the country, also voted endorsement of American participation in the creation of an international office of education, in accordance with a United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization character adopted at London.

UNESCO, Sigma XI hopes, will be a coordinating, rather than an operating group, planned to simplify the fraternity of specialists in diverse fields and to act as a body for the study of educational and allied problems on behalf of international cooperation. The UNESCO charter, as yet unaccepted by Congress, is promulgated to allow science and education to keep pace with the general trend toward international unity.

"We therefore respectfully urge that the source of the order for the destruction of the Japanese cyclotrons, and the reasons for the order, be made public, and that any policy involving further destruction of scientific equipment or other restraints on scientific research in Japan be revealed, so that the people of the United States may know how and why such actions are being taken."

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