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The Lucky Bag

By "jack" Shindler

For the Junior Class of June, 1945, soon to acquire new roommates and white shirts for the final stretch drive, this may be termed the cleavage issue. Interests afield will do their best to break up our "esprit de corps" as the class separates to tasic the delights of living off-campus.

But there will remain such folk as Jack Cornwall, laugh man of his company, who with others believes that "things are tough and the world can always appreciate a laugh to its ultimate advantage." Naylor Cragin, however, reports that Jack has acquired another German tome and secretly sympathizes with his next term roommate.

The Year Book

Ray Kallaus has been busy building up a collection of class snaps to preserve memories in the year book due in April or May, according to editors Moody and Worsley. It all depends on the staff, they say. The staff has a few brilliants in such men as Ches Baker, who is reported to have drawn up a reply to Mr. Lindsay's valentine cartoon. Speculation runs wild as to the nature of Mr. L's prewar profession. Jack Anspaugh claims it was a professorship of history but lately it has been hinted that he may have been M.C. or something of a Bob Hope or Jack Benny Calibre radio show.

Paul Frank had his entry on the alert last week hunting down facts for the year book with such queries as "favorite mixer?, most reliable phone number?" etc

White Wedding

Over at beautiful Appleton Chapel, John made the vows without much ado. Best wishes to another wise member from all the outsiders. Mr. Werhave, however, reports that the room is about 200 per cent quieter since the event. Best man Jim Rafferty has the answer to that one. But we're wondering why seemingly wild and independent Company 4 leads in number of marriages. (We realize that at the rate things happen around here this may be contested tomorrow afternoon.)

After a week of discussion on the billets just given the seniors, we admit that this event was a letdown in some respects. Harry Meyerhoff says he believes he caught sight of a ship out there but isn't certain

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