The Lucky Bag

Reports are just trickling into the files on last week's activities abroad in Greater Boston, but only a few have taken shape enough for publication. The adventures of Bob Weekes' party, rumored to have included even Lt. Towne, are some of the more interesting off-shoots from the Parker House dance. The spirit here almost matched that displayed by Jim Rafferty, collecting tickets and doing a Frankie Sinatra at the same time.

Tar Heel

Known to surprisingly few, the Lou Swain wedding came off with unexpected smoothness. Good luck to Lou who is known for his classic quotation, "Intelligence is the organization of emotion." Nuff said.

Earl Glick has at last decided to make the step, while Bill Gurganus at the last minute under pressure has agreed to put it off. It seems he has a good poker hand very much in demand next term. Bill Patrick, the man with the embarrassing memory, wishes to make a public statement to the effect that slips will occur and he'll be glad to offer his services as defense counsel at any board meeting.

Smooth talker Bob Shepherd and pretty Mrs. S., after dinner at Don Phillips' rancho, are sure that Don has Toni of the Ritz in his kitchen. Dinner engagements are booked weeks in advance. Bob Simpson is selling his single seat at the symphony now that he has met a very attractive someone, frequently a Cowie guest. Arab Kingsley has been humming concertos and tearing telephone books in half looking forward to his violin sessions interrupted momentarily by disbursing afloat.

Half the class was crestfallen when neither Keith (C.I.O.) Richards nor Irv Wellings could pick a R.R. freight, car incident from their vast storehouse of experience. Things are tough all over. Yet Jack Trumbauer can still have girl friends up from the City by the pairs. Whata man.