The Lucky Bag

By now it's two weeks since the boys left home but the far-away gleam of bliss still glitters in most of their eyes--only jarred occasionally by some CPC (20YrCR) who was promoted, married, and detached on three consecutive days at the order of Lt. Beckham.

The big news of the leave is, of course, that only one man took advantage of the opportunity to increase his rent and subsistence by virtue of a dependent. Congratulations to Ens. Dye.

The other major change in the local life has been the installation of new company officers. Dick Harris, Elmah Hanneken and Red English have graciously assumed the duties of guiding our faltering footsteps for this term. The only complaint so far is that our footsteps, especialy in ranks, seem more faltering now that Ens. Harris, known at present as the "Tooele Terror," has instituted his syncopated cadence.

Dick insists that it has possibilities but Marv Fauria, (perhaps with a tinge of jealousy), was heard to remark that such a cadence was intended to keep only the lame, the limping and the halt in step. Perhaps time or merely some passing Lieutenant-Commander will decide its usefulness for once and all.

All in all, a happy leave and not too unpleasant a return. Cheer up, boys and girls, only 80 more days to go till June 10.

The sincere congratulations of the entire company are offered to the retiring officers Neale Gow, Don Adams, Marr Fauria, and especially Bob Brocker for "a job well done." The best tribute to. Bob for his excellent work as recognized by all was his election as Class President yesterday, a position which he can undoubtedly fill just as capably as that of BatCom. Neale's endeavors and potentialities were recognized, too, with his election as Social Committee Chairman, a man of whom we expect much in the next few months.