New Crimson Move Drops Jubilee Tickets

Purchaser Promises Broader Distribution

In an unexpected move which startled the College authorities late last night, the editors of the Harvard CRIMSON yesterday announced that in a sudden decision to lighten the administrative load upon the staff they had sold all the tickets for the 1948 Jubilee to a third party.

Frederick Francis Lamont, Jr. '48, of Adams House and Trenton, New Jersey, was the purchaser of the tickets. Lamont got control of the sales for the big College dance of the Spring by a rapid succession of financial operations which made the CRIMSON move inevitable.

Buys Single Ticket

Coming into the CRIMSON Building early in the morning, he purchased one of the tickets which had been on sale throughout the week, and then began negotiations with the top men behind the financial operation. After only a few moments of dickering, Lamont made it clear that he was willing and able to pay a price for the tickets which would compensate for the obligations involved. The transfer was thereupon sealed and delivered.

Lamont has revealed that in his capacity as chairman of finances for the temporary committee of the Class of 1948 he will not attempt unduly to restrict or monopolize control of the ticket sales. In a statement made to the SERVICE NEWS yesterday he disclosed that he will consult freely and will not hesitate to use the facilities which are offered to him by the organization already built up by the 1948 Jubilee Committee.

Pledges Sincerity

"I feel firmly that I am acting for the good of the whole," said Lamont, "and I shall take advantage of every opportunity to show everyone my sincerity. The dance will be a credit to the College and to the Class of 1948, and I am convinced that no one should be deprived of the chance to attend."