Welles Denounces Bunker Rule Over Beaten Germany

Statesman Here to Discuss Plans With University Press

"Lasting peace is impossible so long as one single member of the German General Staff remains in control," declared Sumner Welles '14, former Under Secretary of State, in an interview with the SERVICE NEWS yesterday. "War criminals must not escape punishment," Welles asserted. "No tribunal has yet been set up by the Allied authorities, but I earnestly hope that one will be put into operation, the sooner the better!"

Pausing to answer several questions while attending a meeting at the office of the University Press, Welles stated that no potential government stands ready to take over control of Germany at this time. "I can see nothing but a long period of military government by the Allies, excepting possibly in the field of local administration," said Welles.

Tea Held at Faculty Club

The former Under Secretary was the guest yesterday of the University Press at a tea given at the Faculty Club, attended by prominent faculty members and Snydics of the Press. His visit was occasioned by the forthcoming publication of the first of a series of 23 volumes on the foreign relations of the United States with the leading countries of the world, to be written by members of the Harvard faculty and other authorities, and edited by Welles.

Among the books in the series, which is being written for popular consumption, are "The United Kingdom," by C. Crane Brinton '19, professor of History, France," by Donald C. McKay, associate Professor of History, and "Soviet Russia," by Vera Micheles Dean.