Howard Mumford Jones Aids POW Reorientation

English Text Assists Training of 370,000

While Harvard's name has been included in the list of 100 leading American colleges and universities participating in the program for reorientating the 370,000 German war prisoners now being held in 450 camps in this country, the University's part in the program, it was learned yesterday, consists only in the work of Howard Mumford Jones, professor of English.

Professor Jones, on a one year's leave of absence from the University, has prepared textbooks which will form the core of the English course for the German POWs. The book will be used not only to tech the elements of English, but size to further among the prisoners a better understanding of American ideals and traditions.

Contained in the textbook are English and German passages, so devised that a prisoner first reads the German text to a group and an American instructor then reads the English. Divided into thirty units, the text including ninety days of instruction, at the end of which period of prisoner should have a fairly substantial speaking and reading knowledge of the language.

A twenty-four course in American history and civics supplements the English course and is so devised as to stress the democratic ideals involved in history from its discovery by Columbus to the second World War. The English and history course are the foundations for this educational program, the purpose of which is to replace Nazi doctrines with sound democratic ideals.