Student Council Probes Football Seat Allotments

Citing "Persistent Complaints," Council President Campbell Spurs Ticket Investigation

Reacting to what he called "persistent complaints," Stud net Council President Levin H. Campbell '48 in a statement issued last night, announced that the Council is now conducting an investigation of the H.A.A.'s method of allotting seats to football games.

At the same time Campbell said his group "would appreciate learning of anyone who has a serious, reasonable complaint regarding the seat he has been assigned." He asked that such complaints be forwarded by letter or card to the Council at Philips Brooks House.

Asks For Letters

"The more letters or cards we receive the clearer idea we will get of the situation," Campbell statement continued. "Such complaints are the only way an investigating group can know whether the H.A.A. is, in fact, "doing its best" for the undergraduate."

Camphell indicated that the volume of complaints seems to indicate that something is peculiar in spite of yesterday's statement by Frank O. Lunden, ticket manager of the Association, who assured all students that his office was doing its best to cope with the flood of applications for this Saturday's game, and that no undergraduate was deliberately being beaten out of a good seat.


Asserting the all possible consideration is due the undergraduate, Campbell said the Council intends "to follow up the matter until we are certain that everything within reason is being done to enable undergraduates to get good tickets."