25-Game Basketball Schedule Slated

Quintet in League Again after Wartime Lapse, Will Play in garden for Six Home Games

Making their return to pro-war playing standards, newly-appointed Bill Barclay's hoopsters have a full season of 25 games on their hands from December through March, as Carroll F. Getchell, H.A.A. official, released the 1946-7 Varsity basketball schedule last night.

On the schedule are 12 games in the Eastern intercollegiate League, defunct since the beginning of the war. Home and home league series are scheduled with Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Yale.

For the first time in the history of Crimson basketball, six of the most important home games will be played in the Boston Garden, following plans laid down at the close of the season last year. The Indoor Athletic Building will, however, continue to house the majority of the games.

Also on the Varsity docket is the revival of the annual Christmas vacation jaunt through the Western hinterlands. The team is slated to open against Western Reserve on Dec. 27 in Cleveland, swing through Indianapolis on the 30th to meet an as yet unannounced opponent, continue through Bradley Polytech in Pittsburgh two days later. The trip will be the first such journey since the war clamped down on team travel in 1941.

The schedule follows:


December: 7--M.I.T.; 10--Holy Cross at Boston Garden; 14--Brown at Providence; 17--Tufts; 19--Boston University; 27--Western Reserve at Cleveland; 30--(pending) to be played at Indianapolis; 31--Bradley Polytech at Peoria.

January; 2--Westminster at Pittsburgh; 8--Brown; 11--Cornell at Ithaca; 14--Princeton at Boston Garden.

February; 4--Boston College at Boston Garden; 6--Northeastern; 8--Princeton at Princeton; 11--Dartmouth at Boston Garden; 15--Pennsylvania at Philadelphia; 19--trinity; 22--Cornell; 26--Dartmouth at Hanover.

March: 1--Columbia; 4--Pennsylvania at Boston Garden; 8--Yale at New Haven; 12--Columbia at New York; 15--Yale at Boston Garden.