Bunnies, Elephants Fight 0-0 Tie; Adams Eleven Mangles Winthrop

Battling through four bruising periods with neither team denting their opponent's 20-yard stripe, Eliot and Leverett wound up yesterday with a scoreless deadlock on the intramural gridiron. Meanwhile a rejuvenated Adams aggregation rolled over Winthrop House 8 to 0.

Punting and impregnable line play in the clutches told the story in the Bunny Elephant fracas as Eliot's Sid Greeley and Leverett's Norn Cameron got off kick after kick from the shadows of their respective goalposts to return the ball once more to enemy territory.

While Eliot's attack was virtually stifled by a hard-hitting Leverett line, the Bunnies picked up some impressive yardage in their own territory, only to find themselves stopped cold and forced to kick when they reached midfield.

Only break of the game came in the waning moments of the third quarter when a Mastodon center sailed goalward unmolested until a wave of green players fell on the ball on the Eliot 20. While loyel Leverett rooters whopped it up on the sidelines, the Elephant forward wall tightened, and in three plays the Bunny offensive succeeded in advancing the ball to the Eliot 26.

Field Goal Try


At this point, Leverett elected to try for a field goal. The crowd laughed when big Norm Cameron backed up, adjusted his helmet, and prepared to boot the ball from such a formidable distance, but the gasped a moment later when a long low kick sailed toward the uprights. The ball struck the cross-bar and bounded back on the field, and the Elephants lowered their trunks, gave a long sigh of relief, and took over on the 20.

In the other inter-House game, Adams came back with only one day's rest after its 14 to 14 tie against Dunster to rout Winthrop 8 to 0. The Gold Coasters threatened repeatedly, and their line was constantly in the Coasters backfield. Winthrop's pasting attack, which looked good against Eliot, was throttled by Adams's fast charging ends who frequently nailed the passer for big losses.

Blocked Kick

Scoring came on a blocked kick in the second period which went for a safety and two points, and on an off-tackle run by Dunn in the third quarter, after McCarthy and Totten had picked up consistent gains on line bucks and end sweeps.

The lineups: Leverett: re., Watt, Cameron; rt, Thorn, Neville; rg., Max, Carlisle; c, Grant, Thorne; lg, Connolly, Frank; lt, Baker, Hazlitt; Ic, Duble; backs, Mayer, Staples, Sayder, Bentley, Warren, Katz, Holler, Oburchay.

Eliot; re, Critchton, Abbott; rt, Colo, Palmer; Quisenberry, Winters; c, Meade, England; lg, Collopy, Rand; lt, Fisher, Parker; le, Morgan, Predmore; backs, Owens, McGiffert, Greeley, Williams, Eckleberry, Furber.

Adams: re, Livermore; rt, Becker; rg, Holtz; c, Gorden; lg, Grauer; lt, Richardson; le, Coburn; backs, Marx, Totten, Dunn, McCarthy.

Winthrop; re, Mason; rt, White; rg, Hosse; c, Dunn; g, Duncan, Guren; lt, Kritzman, Dolco; le, Stevens; backs, Wendall, French, Weld, Loring.

In an unofficial game Wednesday, the Yard team defeated the second-string Freshmen 7 to 6 when Bob Zimmerman grabbed a pass and ran 80 yards for a touchdown. Today, undefeated Kirkland plays Lowell, while Dudley faces Dunster.