Policy Council Named For Observatory Staff

In a staff reorganization of the College Observatory designed to cope with sweeping new scientific developments. Provost Buck has announced the formation of an advisory council and the appointment of two associate directors to function under Director Harlow Shapley.

Bart J. Bok, associate professor of Astronomy here for the last seven years will serve as associate administrative director and Donald H. Menzel, professor of Astrophysics and chairman of the Department of Astronomy, has been named associate director for Solar Research.

The advisory council will handle policy matters relating to research and supervise the accumulation of scientific data.

In addition to Professor Shapley, Professor Menzel, and Associate Director Bok; Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Phillips Astronomer; Fred L. Whipple, associate professor of Astronomy; and Walter O. Roberts, superintendent of the High Altitude Observatory at Climax, Colorado will serve on the advisory council.